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The concept of SSH apps is mind blowing!

Posted on:February 3, 2024 at 03:00 PM

What do you think about when you think SSH? I think about a terminal window. Or so I used to. I came across the concept of SSH apps. These are apps that when you “SSH” into a machine, you don’t see a terminal window, instead, you might see a TUI. I fundamentally understood that SSH is a “protocol” and not the terminal itself, but it kinda blew my mind for a moment.

Where would you have seen SSH?

SSH allows for a secure connection between two machines. You may have used SSH to login to remote servers, clone a GitHub repository, transfer files to remote servers, and even create tunnels to specific ports on a remote server. It is also possible that you may have not encountered SSH so far (in which case, I am excited that this is your first exposure to the concept)!

The fact is, all of the above is possible, with a secure connection, over an otherwise insecure network, with the help of the SSH protocol!

The concept of SSH Apps

This has piqued my interest since I learned about wish on YouTube. I watched it, and my first reaction was “Of course!” and then I could not stop imagining the possibilities of what all I could achieve with this concept, at work!

I manage a few servers, and remote machines (robots) every now and then using SSH. There are a couple of repeated tasks when I remote into one of our robots. Usually, it is to check if a daemon service is running well, read some logs, or run commands. I have been wondering if I could create a simple SSH app that would help me with these tasks. That way, I can simply “SSH into the app” to get a quick glance at everything I usually need to see, and build in some keyboard shortcuts that I can run with simple key presses.

And that is exactly what I will be doing very soon! I will be using wish, along with bubbletea, to create an SSH app for robot diagnosis.

SSH into a server via wish

I’ll post further updates soon!


  1. Check our! Most of what I talked about is built by the amazing team there.
  2. Learn about SSH on Wikipedia.
  3. Check out wish on GitHub.
  4. There’s an interesting video on YouTube that talks about SSH and charm!